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Swansea | Pakistan

Two artists from Pakistan – Atif Khan and Aleem dad Khan – spent twelve weeks as Artists in Residence to assist us in our understanding of Islamic Art through printmaking. A programme of Outreach workshops and printmaking masterclasses took place with participants creating work around the theme ‘Image, Symbol and Text’. Communities reached by the project included Asylum Seekers living in Blaenymaes, Muslim Women living in Swansea, and the ‘over 50’s’in Swansea.

The project launched SPW onto an international platform. It welcomed an exhibition of contemporary Pakistani printmaking which toured three venues in the UK. A sister exhibition, Contemporary Welsh Printmakers, followed in 2007 with Welsh artists gaining exposure with exhibitions in Karachi and Lahore, Pakistan.


In 2006, Sameera Khan and Sarah Hopkins curated a touring exhibition showcasing the work of Pakistan’s printmakers. The exhibition opened at Oriel Ceri Richards, Swansea and completed its UK tour a year later. A tri-lingual exhibition catalogue published in English, Welsh and Urdu supported the exhibition. CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS: Fatima Saeed | Laila Rahman | Afshar Malik |Anwar Saeed | Muhammad Atif Khan | Imran Ahmad | Naiza Khan | Naazish Ata-Ullah | Sameera Khan | Samina Iqbal | Zaira Ahmand | Ali Raza


Twenty-two Wales-based printmakers were represented in this international exhibition in 2007 including work by the late Bert Isaac. The original prints reflected aspects of culture, heritage, lifestyle and contemporary themes relevant to Wales today. A group from the contributing artists travelled to Pakistan to support the cultural exchange with printmaker, Robert Macdonald, delivering a series of artist talks. CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS: Kate Bassett | Lynne Bebb |Bill Chambers | Paul Croft | Linda Davies | Ruth JênDavies | Stuart Evans | Jackie Ford | Valerie Ganz |Veronica Gibson | Sarah Hopkins | Sameer Khan | Robert Macdonald | Nina Morgan | Ruth Parmiter |Kara Seaman | Hannah Streat | Judith Stroud | Alan Williams | Ian Williams | Pete Williams

Two exhibitions travel to Pakistan


CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS | Lynne Bebb | Sheila Clark | Rose Davies |  Elissa Evans | Ayesha Farooq | Alan Figg | Jackie Ford | Sarah Hopkins | Veronica Gibson | Zena James | Rhian Jarman | Aleem dad Khan | Sameera Khan | Robert Macdonald | Lorna Packer | Ruth Parmiter | Carys Roberts | Judith Stroud | Kara Seaman | Alan Williams 

‘especially when the october wind’ | DYLAN THOMAS PRINTS

CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS |Sheila Clark | Lucy Donald | Elissa Evans | Jackie Ford | Sally Hands | Sarah Hopkins | Sue Kelsall | Ruth Parmiter | Judith Stroud |Ceri Thomas | Peter Visscher  |Alan Williams

2013 | August 9 -September 14

Muhammad Atif Khan | ‘Landscape of the Heart’ | Oriel Ceri RIchards | Swansea


ARTIST RESIDENCY | RAWALPINDI | Rose Davies and Hannah Lawson spent a month at the Zaira Zaka Print Studio in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, travelling around this extraordinary country, collaborating with other artists and producing an exhibition of original prints shown at the prestigious Satrang Gallery in Islamabad, opened by the British Ambassador.



January | Contemporary Pakistani Printmakers | Oriel Ceri Richards | Swansea 

March |Contemporary Pakistani Printmakers | Sultan Gallery | Lancaster

March | Festival of Muslim Cultures Project | National Waterfront Museum of Wales

July  | Festival of Muslim Cultures Print Project | Oriel Ceri Richards | Swansea.    

Exhibition of outreach project work with asylum seekers and over 50’s from Castle Ward as part of the Festival of Muslim Cultures Project


April | Contemporary Welsh Printmakers | VM Art Gallery | Karachi | Pakistan

April |  ‘51.34 North 1.46 West’ | Swansea Print Printmakers | Nomad Gallery | Islamabad | Pakistan

May | Contemporary Welsh Printmakers | Alhambra Arts Centre |  Lahore | Pakistan

May | ‘‘51.34 North 1.46 West’ | Swansea Printmakers | Alhambra Arts Centre |  Lahore | Pakistan

May | especiallywhen the october wind’ | Dylan Thomas Prints | Alhambra Arts Centre |  Lahore

September | Contemporary Welsh Printmakers | Arts Wing | Grand Theatre | Swansea


August 9 -September 14 | Muhammad Atif Khan | ‘Landscape of the Heart’ | Oriel Ceri RIchards | Swansea


April | Artist Residency | Rose Davies and Hannah Lawson at the Zaira Zaka Print Studio in Rawalpindi, Pakistan followed by an exhibition of original prints at the Satrang Gallery | Islamabad


March 26 – May 6 | Sameera Khan, Muhammad Atif Khan. Vinita Voogd | ‘ Identity ‘ | Ffwrnes Theatre Gallery, Llanelli