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Diptych | Sarah Hopkins & Muhammad Atif Khan

An international collaboration between printmakers, Sarah Hopkins (Wales) and Muhammad Atif Khan (Pakistan) has taken the form of a collection of 16 limited edition prints. 

Monotype workshop with Sian Barlow @ SPW

This is an exhibition of prints made at a recent workshop experimenting with reduction monotype. These are one-off prints, made by building up colour layers. The emphasis in the workshop was on exploring colour.

Ukraine War Art

This exhibition is about the war in Ukraine. It features work by Ukrainian artists currently living in a war zone, seeing the effects of bombs falling, lives torn apart and homes destroyed. The huge variation in styles reflects the many different experiences of and responses to the conflict.

The Great Outdoors…New Conversations

Thisexibition looks at artworks that are inspired by the outdoors; nature, landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes and the role of people in an outdoor setting.

Winter Sale of Work

Dhyana Fritsche

Dylan Thomas | A celebration

Dylan Thomas’ work is celebrated annually in festivals and symposiums around the world, and the poet continues to be an inspiration for many other artists and writers. This October, the month in which Dylan Thomas was born, we are taking a look back at two of our projects which had their starting points in his legacy

Rosie Scribblah: Painting Through The Pandemic

And since the lockdown began back in Spring 2020, I have been painting more or less every week with Ed Sumner’s live tutorials on the Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Facebook. Ed teaches painting skills by copying work by great artists and I’ve found myself whiling away the pandemic by painting. It’s become a bit of a compulsion, picking up paints after over 40 years.

Sally Hands – Featured Artist

Sally Hands has been a printmaker for 35 years. Previously she worked in lino- and woodcut but now works exclusively in printmaking as a wood engraver.

Arthur ‘Andy’ Charlton in Context :

from Hartlepool to Swansea – the Early Years

David Barron | Recollections – selected Drawings, Paintings and Prints

The starting point for this exhibition was recent work carried out in Lockdown, featuring the changing Swansea skyline seen from the studio and studies of our backyard garden. Jackie Ford suggested expanding this to include earlier work on the three themes of gardens, collected objects, plus studies of Swansea. This selection of drawings, paintings and prints has been a chance to revisit some special memories of times past. Broadly speaking the work is grouped chronologically, exploring specific places and spaces over different periods.

In Situ | working from direct observation

Drawing from direct observation is an essential tool in an artist skill set. This could mean working in a fast moving environment where quick sensations are recorded rapidly and with courage. At the other end of the spectrum a still life/ object can be the source of an intensely detailed study intended as the precursor to further development into a print or a painting or a three dimensional object. For most of us these studies reside in endless sketchbooks but for famous and successful artists these sketches come to be valued as an insight into the making of these collectors items.

One for the birds…

It was a rare treat to work with a group of artists in the atmospheric surroundings of Swansea Museum. We were there to make drawings from some of their antique taxidermy with Edinburgh-based artist Kelly Stewart and then to spend a weekend with her at Swansea Print Workshop, developing our drawings into screenprints. This work is the subject of our online exhibition for April.


This exhibition showcases the wide ranges of approaches to designing for screenprinting and producing original prints by hand.

These examples are work from our membership, tutors and visiting artists, past and present.

Judith Stroud – Material Matters

Judith Stroud reveals how her love of making and materials lies behind her inventive printmaking, and shares insight into her process and boundary-pushing techniques.

Drawn from Life

20 years of life at Swansea Print Workshop

We’ve worked with some terrific models of all ages, shapes and genders and they’ve inspired this current exhibition that showcases the work done by many of SPW’s artists throughout the last two decades. There’s no teaching, people just pitch up with whatever materials they want to bring and get stuck in with charcoal, pastels, pencils, paint, inks, chalks – if it can be smeared onto paper it’s fair game, with a huge diversity of styles. We hope you enjoy looking at this new exhibition and here’s to the next twenty years of life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop.

Alan Figg | 58 Years of dedicated designs celebrating Xmas

Ace lino-cutter Alan Figg has designed a Christmas Card for print every year since 1962 . This is a chance to see these designs and prints show-casing Alan’s mastery of the process. There are brief flirtations with designing for line blocks, etchings and mezzotints before returning to his proven media of relief printing. As his Christmas list began to expand it became impractical to print by hand. Much larger linoblocks were used to proof the initial design. These were then reduced in size, coloured digitally and printed commercially

Our Pakistan Connections

Swansea Print Workshop has a rich history of working with printmakers from Pakistan. Sameera Khan, originally from Islamabad was Studio Manager for three years and she was the catalyst for a whole range of creative exchanges between our two cultures. This exhibition shows some of the work produced by our visiting artists, members and participants in workshops over the years as a result of these links and demonstrates how enriching this process was for all participants

20  Years of printmaking at Swansea Print Workshop

This exhibition illustrates  a timeline of artistic activity and a journey of discovery and innovation through the medium of print. Artists have worked with Swansea Print Workshop in many roles: members, invited artists, artists in residence, workshop leaders, workshop participants, sponsors and through collaborative projects with other printworkshops. This is a collection of prints by some of these artists illustrating the breadth of creative opportunities offered by printmaking processes.